IKONIC Saddlery

Equi-Hub Scotland are delighted to be a premium partner  , ambassador rider and the only supplier of IKONIC saddlery in Scotland.


The first IKONIC saddle was born in 2006 in Belgium. The ambition of its creator, was to create a high-range saddle, that would offer an optimum comfort, and that would combine high quality materials with a system (interchangeable gullet)  allowing to modulate the saddle to the back of every horse. All this, at a competitive price.

IKONIC have grown from strength to strength and are up there with the leading saddle manufactures today with the huge advantage of being able to adjust their saddles to any size.

Their leatherwork comes from the finest French tanneries and they offer a customizable service on a number of the products.


Leather colours available are Black, Havana and Nut brown. The saddle and bridle range is available in horse or pony and there are saddles for every budget and discipline available.

Most of the bridle work range comes in either stainless steel or brass , and there is a large selection of nosebands, browbands and reins to customize a bridle to your exact requirements or indeed replace a part on an existing bridle.


Unlike other leading manufactures IKONIC leather work can be purchased separately, so we can get replacement headpieces, cheekpieces  etc. in case of breakages  rather than having to buy a complete new bridle. The other advantage is we can make a bridle up to exactly suit a customers requirements , so to compliment another piece of existing saddlery or to fit that awkward size horse requiring a mix of bridle sizes for that perfect fit.


Equi-hub hold some IKONIC Stock at all times or can order most of the products direct for you if its something we don't have.  Alternatively you can contact IKONIC Direct who will  forward your order onto us.

Please visit the online shop tab to order direct from this website.

Below are some of IKONIC products, please contact us for any enquires. The complete product range can also be found on IKONIC'S own website here Ikonic Saddlery.