Chess complete jump



1 x pair 170cm high aluminum and PVC board chess wings complete with Keyhole track in black  and white -SOLD OUT CONTACT TO ORDER

1 x pair 170cm aluminum white upright training stands complete with key hole track.

1 X hanging gate filler 3mtrs long in white

8 x 35mm Keyhole track jump cups

2 x safety adapters for back pole.

3 x premium 3mtr X 100mm jump poles in white and black  c/w plastic end caps.

Wings have removable feet but due to the size and design of these wings, weighted sand feet is recommended which we can do on-site. All powder coated and painted in our high gloss finish.

In stock for immediate dispatch. 

Wings and gate can be sold separately- or re branded with company logo for additional cost, wood or plastic pole options available