Ikonic elite bridle with thick anatomic headpiece.


Discover the NEW anatomic bridle  that reduces pressure points at the maximum.


Anatomic and large headpiece
The headpiece is shaped to cut away behind the ears and to spread the pressure evenly on the top of the head.
A thick padding in calfskin and foam, with an empty space in the middle, frees completely the first cervical vertebrae, and thus guaranteeing an optimal comfort.
Like all the bridles of the range, the noseband straps are directly integrated to the headpiece, avoiding unnecessary pressures.

Anatomic combined noseband
The cheekpieces are directly integrated to the noseband thanks to a soft "Y" shaped piece. It avoids pressure and rubbing at this very sensible spot. Its shape gives a certain angle to the noseband, allowing an ideal placement that frees the zygomatic apophysis, and avoids the noseband from going too low on the horse’s fragile bones.
The flash is integrated and larger at the junction points with the noseband. As opposed to a classic flash, it starts on the sides, freeing the nose, it has a more direct action on the mouth.

Please note reins not included

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please note this bridle is now an older model and only certain colours are available- please contact before purchase to check stock levels.