Ikonic light jumping saddle


A must have saddle, for breaking young horses. Super lightweight and fully changeable to suit any horse. It features removable blocks so you can change to suit. Great for dealing yards or people with multiple horses abd youngstock , offering a 1 size fits all quality saddle.

Super comfy and grippy leather you wont be disappointed.

9 step online configuration to get that perfect fitted saddle.  forward cut flaps, flat seat all available.

Note saddles are made to order and are on roughly 8 week lead time .

Ikonic developed this product in order to offer you a quality jumping saddle at low price.

Technically this Ikonic "Light" Jumping Saddle benefits from our broad experience with our other models, particularly our Elite series. This saddle can be used to ride at any level.

This saddle is equipped with a system of interchangeable blocks sold separately. These are fixed by velcro which allows either to change them or to place them according to what is possible and what the rider will prefer.

The reference of the interchangeable blocks for this saddle is --> BLO01

This new saddle is still faithful to the habitual specificities of the brand!

There is still our easily interchangeable gusset system, panels refillable with natural wool for a perfect adjustment, large panels to distribute the pressure, integrated underflaps including the cut-out to improve the lateral contact, a broad 3-points girthing allowing a distribution of the traction to place the saddle correctly, a wide pommel opening at the withers to avoid any "pinching".

Furthermore you can customize the rear piping which will always match with the stirrup keeper.

NB : The reference of the gullet plates for this saddle is --> 9000.

Maintenance advice:

As we use natural leathers, they must be treated regularly with appropriate maintenance products with a cleansing and moisturising effect in order to preserve their beauty and suppleness.

Attention ! The hybrid saddle is partially made of synthetic materials. It is therefore normal that some parts do not absorb products. It is thus not useful to try and oil the synthetic parts.

Demo saddle available for trials and fitting.

Please note this saddle is available in GP also. Website is used as a guide. Full fitting and specification will be provided to suit individual needs. Please contact us.


Due to all the colour variants - products are available to order- please get in touch