Ikonic elite lined saddle


The best quality saddle.... you won't be disappointed 

The IKONIC Elite JEL02 jumping saddle, like the other Elite jumping saddles, is recognizable by its carbon plate on the back of the cantle, it represents a perfect combination of tradition and modernity.

This model is fully lined calf, we use top quality full grain leathers, the lined flaps offer comfort, a very good Grip and help to keep the leg in place.

 In the bottom of the flap we have added a vegetable leather reinforcement that protects the flap from the wear of the boot.

This model brings improvements in the panels (shapes and materials), in the seat (gullet and seat shape), some of the templates are also improved as well as the tree points of gullets.

The saddle is slightly narrower, which makes it easier to get down "into" the saddle and find your place.

The Elite saddle has several gel points. Strategically placed in the seat, at the level of the ischiums, and at the tree points, they help to absorb the shock waves of the rider and the horse, especially when landing a jump.

This new saddle is no exception to the brand's specificity!

In addition to being able to completely configure the saddle to your liking, there is still an easily interchangeable gullet and natural wool padded panels for a perfect fit.

All the ingredients are there to guarantee quality, elegance, comfort and performance!

Due to all the variants please contact us, saddles are made to order using a 9 stage personalised process , trial saddle available to ride in.

Due to all the colour variants - products are available to order- please get in touch