Ikonic elite jumping saddle


If you want to feelsuper secure this is the saddle for you

The IKONIC jumping saddle Elite JEL01 (EX : ELIJ01), recognizable through the carbon plate, represents a perfect match between tradition and modernity. The quality of the leather from the best French tanneries offers a maximum comfort for rider and horse. The smaller withers opening of the saddle gives a better position and support to the rider.

The Elite saddle is equipped with several gel pads. Strategically placed in the seat, in the region of the ischium and at the extremities of the gullet, they absorb the shock waves of the rider and the horse, amongst others after a jump.

Besides the saddle tree in injected composite, the saddle is also equipped with a half-rigid plate at the back of the quarter. While girthing the horse remains easy, the half-rigid plate avoids that the leg of the rider moves backwards during his jump.

This new saddle remains faithful to the specificity of the brand! An easily changeable gullet and refillable flaps with natural wool ensure a perfect adjustment to the rider and the horse.

All the ingredients are gathered to guarantee quality, comfort and performance

Can be changed to fit any horse 

saddles are fitted to you ,with a 9 stage progress so need to be ordered. Trial saddle available to try and ride in please get in touch.

Due to all the colour variants - products are available to order- please get in touch