Ikonic evolution pro lined jumping saddle


Our IKONIC Jumping saddle "Evolution" JEV02 (EX : EVOJ02) Calflined represents a perfect combination between tradition and modernity, the purpose of this Evolution line being to provide to everybody a « truly » good saddle for a reasonable price.

We want the riders to perform their sport at all levels by taking advantage of a saddle made of materials of a high-quality and technically accomplished while remaining at an affordable price.

The version of this model was inspired by our "Elite" model and brings some improvements in the panels (shapes and materials), the seat (twist and shape), some sizes having also been improved as well as the points.

The flaps are lined and there is a reinforcement on the lower part of the flap to avoid excessive wear of the boot; this flap is supple and gives more grip to improve a correct position of the leg.

The twist of this saddle is slightly smaller, which allows to sit deeper in the saddle and find the correct position.

Another particularity of this "Evolution" line is that the saddle can be personalised! It is indeed possible to choose the colour of some parts of the saddle.

This new saddle is still faithful to the habitual specificities of the brand!

There is still our easily interchangeable gullet system, panels reflockable with natural wool for a perfect adjustment, large panels to distribute the pressure, integrated underflaps including the cut-out to improve the lateral contact, a broad 3-points girthing allowing a distribution of the traction to place the saddle correctly, a wide pommel opening at the withers to avoid any "pinching".

All the elements are gathered to guarantee quality, comfort and performance at a reasonable price!

NB : The reference of the gullet plates for this saddle is --> 9000.

Maintenance advice :

As we use natural leathers, they must be treated regularly with appropriate maintenance products with a cleansing and moisturising effect in order to preserve their beauty and suppleness.

Before the first use, the new Ikonic saddle should be entirely treated at least twice with the Ikonic leather oil.

This nourishes the leather and creates a protective natural barrier which will improve the patina of the leathers and avoid any excessive wear.

In order not to damage the leather permanently, it is necessary to use good maintenance products.

Use our leather oil, leather grease and the numerous other care products we have specially developed.

!! For all our saddles with lined flaps, we advise not to oil excessively; it is preferable to use cleaning cream or our glycerin soap, as an excessive nourishing with oil of supple leathers makes that the fiber "swells" and the supple leather loses his patina and resistance to wear.

We will take you through ikonics 9 step online configuration to build your perfect saddle- available to order in approx 8 weeks.

test saddle available to ride in and try. get in touch

Due to all the colour variants - products are available to order- please get in touch