Ikonic dressage double lined velco block saddle


The IKONIC Double flap (Lined calf) dressage saddle DEV03 (EX : EVOD04) of our "Evolution" line has been entirely redesigned, the saddle tree has been modified and gives even more comfort to the riders while improving a correct position with a good balance, and the seat is smaller to allow a perfect position of the leg.

The main difference of this model compared to the other models is that the blocks are fixed by velcros (Item BLO002) which allows either to change them for smaller ones or to move them back a little according to what is possible and what the rider will prefer.

We want to offer the riders the possibility to perform their sport at all levels benefitting from a saddle made of highly qualitative materials and technically sophisticated, and this for a reasonable price.

Another particularity of this "Evolution" line is that the saddle can be personalized! It is indeed possible to choose the color of some parts of the saddle.

The flaps are entirely lined with supple leather which offers a very good grip, the monoflap guarantees a close contact with the horse, and the knee pads are designed in order not to hinder the knees.

The large panels allow to distribute the pressure of the saddle and the weight of the rider; they are made of latex, shape memory foam and wool, and they are refillable for a perfect adjustment of the balance of the saddle.

A wide saddle tree opening at the withers allows to avoid any "pinching” and gives the shoulders of the horse more freedom of movement.

This new saddle is still faithful to the habitual specificities of the brand!

There is still our easily interchangeable gullet system, panels refillable with natural wool for a perfect adjustment, large panels to distribute the pressure, integrated underflaps including the cut-out to improve the lateral contact, a broad 3-points girthing allowing a distribution of the traction to place the saddle correctly, a wide saddle tree opening at the withers to avoid any "pinching.

This saddle is provided with three counter girth straps, the first and the second being removable, which allows to choose whether to use the first and the third or the second and the third, and thus to adjust perfectly the position of the saddle in order not to block the horse’s shoulder movements.

All the elements are gathered to guarantee quality, comfort and performance!

NB : The reference of the gullet plates for this saddle is --> 9010.

Due to all the colour variants - products are available to order- please get in touch